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Halloween Décor to Make Your House Creepy Cool

September 12, 2022

by Stephanie Mader

Striped pumpkin header

It’s hard to believe that it is October already!

It’s hard to believe that it is almost October already!  Next to Christmas, this is my favorite time of the year for holiday decorating, and at least there usually isn’t snow in Wisconsin for the outdoor portion!  I am not sure when I started my skull collection, but over the years I have collected a wide assortment of them and always keep my eye out for the glam ones.  Who says skulls have to be scary?  In fact I think they are quite hip and glamorous if you find the right ones. Below are some of my favorites.

A fake black skull with pearls all over it

Bejeweled- Victorian Trading

A fake skull that is colorful and looks like it is covered in an oil spill paint

Iridescent- JoAnn Fabrics

A matte white fake skull

Matte white- Grandinroad

A gold skull with crystals all over it

Gold diamond- Grandinroad

A fake skull with red and green crystals coming out of it

Acrylic- Etsy

A sliver fake skull with bog jewels all over it

Jeweled- Zgallerie

A sliver fake skull

Iron- Pottery Barn

A fake skull with many shiny jewels all over it
Two fake skulls, one black and one white, both have gold accents

Black/white/gold- Grandinroad

Pumpkins just aren’t for carving either!

Although we do plenty of that around here just so we can get the seeds out and roast them, YUMMY!  One cost effective way to get the look of these ceramic options is by picking up real pumpkins and painting them.  Just pick up some craft paint from your local hobby shop and the pumpkin is your blank canvas.

A pumpkin that looks like its made of amber

Tortoise glass- Pottery Barn

A fake pumpkin painted white with leaves all over it

Vines- Grandinroad

A spiky silver pumpkin

Spiked chrome- ZGallerie

A plastic pumpkin with stripes

Stripes- MacKenzie -Childs

A pumpkin decorated with bead designs everywhere

Petals- MacKenzie-Childs

A fake pumpkin with black and white checker patterns

Carnival- MacKenzie-Childs

Halloween décor needs to be orange and black??  NO WAY!

Fabric pumpkins are also a great way to bring in the Halloween spirit while coordinating colors with your personal décor.  I LOVE the velvet ones!  For this, you can either purchase them already made (I LOVE the ones from Etsy)  or you can DYI.   For the Do It Yourselfer, all you need is stems from a pumpkin, your favorite fabric, pillow filling or rice for a heavier pumpkin, spray paint for the stems, craft glue and a needle and thread to tie it up.

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